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Katherine Gottlieb

Photo of Katherine Gottlieb

About Katherine Gottlieb

Katherine Gottlieb is president and CEO of the South Central Foundation--an Alaska Native healthcare organization in Anchorage, Alaska. She has launched the Family Wellness Warriors Initiative to address domestic abuse and child neglect in Alaska Native communities.

Tribal Affiliation



Anchorage, Alaska





The Family Wellness Warriors Initiative addresses issues of domestic violence, child abuse, and child neglect

Bad Deal

Men who move from villages to cities and unable to find good work and therefore lose self-esteem

Baldridge Award

Southcentral Foundation was awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2011.

Follow Up

When you start someone on a journey, you do not want to leave them there

Gathering place

The hospital is a gathering place for Native people in Anchorage

Men’s Roles

The Family Wellness Warriors Initiative encourages men in the community to be strong protectors for their families, like they were in the old days

Native Alaskan Artwork

Samples of Native Alaskan Artwork from the Native Voices Exhibition.

Native Alaskan Women

Women are leaders in health care in Alaska.

Nuka System of Care

Southcentral Foundation's healthcare system is built on customer-owner relationships.


High self esteem is an important part of wellness.

SCF Drum

The Southcentral Foundation logo incorporates symbols of traditional healing.

Sharing Stories

The Family Wellness Warriors Initiative incorporates the native value of sharing stories

Universal Experience

Indigenous people in other countries are learning that they need to look back at their own history for completeness of healing.


Loss of self esteem among men of high stature when they move from villages to urban setting